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Cooling system has been the most popular in the market for cooling and humidifying functions. They are always the highlight of your space, different from other cooling solutions, but the cost is very suitable for your pocket.


Here we will guide the installation of the mist system in the most meticulous:

The spray system consists of 4 main components:

-  nozzle. 

Tube wire  guide PE 8mm

-  Bubble mist

-  Cups of  water


The most basic construction steps you should know:

Step 1:  Attach the water to the "IN" of the water filter.

   We use uPVC Φ21 or T threaded to connect with domestic water (tap water or well water). Then put the water lock Φ21 into the filter head. It is important to use a buckle to disconnect water when cleaning or repairing, avoid dripping if the water source is higher than the spray system or water pressure. Next, install the outside thread Φ21 on the "IN" end of the water filter.

Step 2 : Connect the filter and the mist

   After the water is supplied to the filter, the water is supplied via the uPVC pipe 21. The water is filtered through the primary filter core with a hole size of 2 - 5 μm, the outflow of the filter joins the tooth tip Φ21 down to the Φ8 pipe of  the spray system  to connect to the machine. It is possible to attach the filter and the hanging machine to the wall, or put the machine in the appropriate position.

Step 3:  Install the nozzle position

   Pressure water is taken from the outlet of  the sprayer  to the spray nozzles. Depending on the design of the installation site, it is necessary to install the  fog nozzle  so that the wiring is optimal, can be connected to a pipe to the end of the end or if many branches need to use T, Y to Branching accordingly, and if necessary, each spray branch should have a lock to control the opening and fogging for each area.

* How to cut the cord does not suck or water:

 Using a scissors or paper knife, cut the wire so that it is perpendicular, as flat as possible, avoiding distortion or slanting the cutting head to make it easy to swing, then use the hand to push the tube into the spigot joint. and do not twist the tube.


+  Installation in a covered, not wet is best.

Keep away from heat, sparks and flammable liquids.

+ Always keep the plug dry. Do not use water or chemicals for direct cleaning of equipment.

+ Make sure the power supply voltage is correct before connecting to the equipment. Failure to do so may result in danger to the user and damage the equipment (voltage: 220V / 50Hz).

So with the installation of the basic spray system on the hope that will bring to our customers the meaningful knowledge to complete a spray system for their own.


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